Private Events
Role & Duration
Product Manager
Research, stakeholder engagement, user testing
prototype development
Working directly with founder
Volunteer based

Convo, a one of a kind dining experience company was looking at how to engage with a potential audience through their existing product. I jumped in to help the founder in product research and new product development, to help Convo on their mission to create a wiser, kinder world.

Convo operated their experience through quarterly, public events in specific locations across Melbourne. The events were hugely resource intensive and though these events sold out quickly, the impact was limited.

We drilled down into potential opportunities that would assist with Convo's commercial growth and allow our community to interact with Convo through a new environment.


We began by generating and ranking ideas, validating one main idea against the external marketplace and then defining the alignment to the business and market strategy of Convo. We saw a large opportunity to create package options and privatise Convo's experience to the corporate industry. Initially we conducting in person and phone questions to specific people within large organisation - HR Managers, Learn and Development Execs and Executive Assistants. By matching these answers gained with our landscape analysis we could determine and prioritise the problem to solve.


We next prototyped a series of package solutions to our target audience, creating business cases for each with a mix of fact, opinion and guesses - making sure we highlights where guesses were created and why.

We constantly reviewed the business and market requirements, matching these to our risk, efforts, costs and even the option of "doing nothing"

Convo was an amazing experience. Being able to participate in thoughtful conversation with open-minded people who were willing to share ideas made for an extremely entertaining night


We built our first iteration of the product focusing on our private industry customers and quickly followed this with non-industry specific.

Project Learnings

Acting as the voice of the customer I was able to keep the founder focused on the problem, rather than visualising solutions from the beginning. We worked extremely well together and it was great to lean on my professional network for insights.
We plan to launch a new regional product using the same methods in the coming months