If there's one thing you should do in this world, skim rocks across Lake Wanaka, NZ

I'm a Melbourne based NZ human tackling growth challenges, building relationships, managing cx & products, while working in startups. Often asking annoying questions with a deep passion in systematic change

Kia ora! Jamie here.

With over 9 years of professional experience and 5 of these in the startup ecosystem, building and growing some of the largest global startups & scaleups in Melbourne, I've entrenched myself in this community. My growth mindset and interpersonal skills have grounded me in business around communication, customer experience, stakeholder management and the entrepreneurial spirit of getting shit done.

In more technical terms, I use a combination of design thinking + agile workflow + business strategy + cross functional team communication.

I'm motivated by my relationships and technology + services that create systematic change. I take deep value in our natural world and when I'm not working on the deliverable of a product, you can find me in the garage, building my first motorcycle, down the coast surfing at my favourite spot near Wye River or out in the wilderness hiking with good friends.